The Food Hall:


We have many amazing restaurants inside our building. Here is a comprehensive list for you to know what restaurants and food is available.  

Floor One


 These restaurants are all located on Floor One of Asia Asia Food Hall. 

Also on Floor One is the ‘Drinks Bar’ where we serve a variety of soft and alcoholic beverages. 

These restaurants are:

  • Pho Viet
  • Sakura
  • Korean Food

Please see on all menus that there are both the Chinese and English translation of the dishes, as well as the address of the restaurant and phone numbers for further contact if necessary.  

If you have any dietary requirements, please make sure to ask the vendors when ordering. 

We also have a cash machine on the first floor for customer use, which can help when using the top up card system as you can do this using cash.

When arriving at the food hall, simply walk up to the first floor where you can purchase a top-up card and start your dining experience immediately. 


Please click on the restaurant menu you wish to read below.




Vietnamese Cuisine.

Korean Food

Sakura (Japanese Cuisine)

Floor Two

We have the following vendors called:

  • Bangkok Cafe
  • Malatang
  • BBQ and Dumplings

We no longer have a solely Halal restaurant, however BBQ and Dumplings will sell a selection of Halal meat, and upon request most restaurants will do vegetarian/vegan options. 

Traditional Malatang

Bangkok Street (Thai Food)

BBQ and Dumplings