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Source: Birmingham Mail.

A three-storey former office block in Pershore Street is being converted to create a ground floor bistro, provisionally called Ruga.

There will also be two new food courts on the first and second floors called Asia Asia.

The courts will have 10 units between them and offer authentic pan-Asian street food style catering.

Source: Birmingham Mail

It’s just yards from the Bullring – but new food hall Asia Asia has introduced a pan-continental cooking experience to Birmingham.

Just across the road from the Bromsgrove Street entrance to Debenhams, the hall enables shoppers to enjoy food from all corners of the world’s largest continent.

There’s no need for visas, passports or Air Mile tickets – just a willingness to try something radically different to what you’ll find in the chain restaurants which dominate the city centre.


Source: I Choose Birmingham.

If you’ve been to Asia Asia Food Hall then collect five Brummie Points and announce loudly across your office that you are a better citizen than those around you. If you’ve not been, go and sit on the naughty step (it’s this one here) and have a long hard think about your behaviour. Nestled between China Town and the John Lewis steps it is, for our money, the best foodie thing to happen to Birmingham in 2018. 

And in case you’ve not been going because you’re a big cowardy custard about cocking it all up, here’s what it is, how it works and what you could/should be ordering.

Source: I Choose Birmingham

So good they named it twice, Asia Asia Food Hall is — in the most conventional of turns — an Asian Food Hall. Across two floors, choose from Cantonese, Thai, Japanese and even food from the Uyghur region of China — the western, Muslim part. Or much better idea: don’t choose, take a crew, and order from all the independent traders, eating together on the communal tables.

Source: Global Gastronomers.

We ventured down to the brand new Asia Asia foodhall which has opened behind the Birmingham Indoor markets. This concept will be very familiar to anyone who has eaten at Hawker markets in places like Singapore or Thailand, lots of stalls and communal dining areas that are famed for cheap and cheerful food that is full of flavour.

The food options are spread over two floors and on arrival you go to the counter and exchange money for a loaded card, the beauty of this is that at each counter you just tap and it reduces your balance. at the end of your visit you can keep the card (£2 fee) or hand it back in and cash out the balance including the deposit.