How it works:


An explanation of the top-up card system we have in place at Asia Asia Food Hall.


This is the ‘Cash Top Up’ card.

There is a £2.00 fee for this card for the purchase of this card. This fee is refundable when the card is returned. On this card, you simply come to the ‘Top Up Counter’ on the First Floor and and ask to top up any amount you wish.

At the end of your visit you can then come back to this counter and get the money left on the card refunded to you


This is the ‘Bank Top Up’ card.

On this card, you can use your bank card and top up whatever amount. There is similarly a £2.00 fee required to purchase this card, in which the amount is refundable when the amount on the card is at £0.00.

These cards are exclusive for Asia Asia Food Hall and can only be used at Asia Asia Food Hall, and we reserve all the right for final interpretation.

The cardholders must take care of these cards, as no reporting of loss is possible as the card is not registered to a specific individual and there will be no replacement card if it is lost.

For any more information about this please contact Asia Asia Food Hall ‘Top Up Counter’. We also have a ATM machine by this counter to make it easier for customers to choose whichever payment method is best for them