This week we had our first networking event here at Asia Asia Food Hall. This was a simple thank you for all of those who have helped us since opening and supporting us either through promotion on social media or corporate companies. We had two amazing food bloggers called @brum_eats and @excellence_tea (go check them out!) who attended and were wonderful guests. Along with Grapevine’s Nick Byng, Elonex and Ocean Outdoor employees. This was a very rewarding experience with everyone enjoying the best Asia Asia Food Hall has to offer. 

This was an opportunity for everyone to try something new from units they may not have visited before and try our units most amazing dishes. Here are just a couple of the dishes we had on offer during this event.

From Sushi to Okonomiyaki! We really did put on an amazing foodie fest, this was all located on the second floor and was a big exciting event for all of us. We made this a seasonal event as seen from our menus. This was also similarly shown through the dish provided by Zoo Sushi entitled ‘Golden Dragon Maki’ this is a summery dish and perfectly delicious and light for this time of year.

We had both side and main dishes (perhaps, too many dishes!) We did have some people attend who had dietary differences, therefore this thought about before hand and displayed on the menus. We care about our people here at Asia Asia (: 

One dish that not many people had seen a lot was the Pork Okonomiyaki – if you are unaware the flakes of fish on the top of this dish move whilst it is warm – this freaked some people out! However, they absolutely loved the dish itself after the getting over the movement.

We honestly cannot wait to do something like this again, it proved such a success and we were so happy with the turn out and the atmosphere of the event as a whole. It was so interesting to see everyone reaction to our dishes first hand, we made sure everyone (as long as they felt comfortable) tried every dish and they were thoroughly impressed throughout.

If you are a corporate person, foodie or blogger that has a platform that can help share Asia Asia, then please get in touch and we would love to invite you to our next one.

This is the food feast we had for our first networking event, everything from Sushi to Spare Ribs. You can also see all the different dips we have for each dish invluding, sweet chilli dish, soy sauce and peanut dip.

We did this in our most authentic way, arranging the table as we would if it was normal customers, we wished to keep this as genuine as possible. 

Sakumen’s Shanghai Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs. Perfectly paired with Sticky Rice.

The cheesy deliciousness called Aburi from Zoo Sushi.

The Instagram- worthy TT Teppanyaki dish Potato Vermicelli in Casserole.

Perfect spring dish is Pho Viet’s Summer Roll wrapped full of flavour.

Bangkok Street’s Special Fried Rice, packed full of flavour, the ideal light dish.

Sakumen’s Steamed Dumplings, surprisingly full of meat and seafood tasty-ness. 

If you wish to attend another time, we do this purely for people who have actively supported us whether that be through blogging, food photography and posting on social media or corporate companies that have helped us. We are looking forward to doing this again as it proved such a positive experience for us.

If you have a following or can support us in anyway, please get in touch and put your name forward for the next event at: info@asiaasiafoodhall.com

Have a lovely day, thanks for reading.

Asia Asia Food Hall 😀