Do you want to book a table at Asia

Asia Food Hall?

You’re in luck! We are introducing a new booking system to make that so much simpler.

Whether it’s a simple meal for one and you want a specific table, or you’re part of a large group we can make that possible. By making a booking, you can choose the seats you want (if they are available). 

If you are part of a large group (larger than 4) , making a booking using this service will make it a lot easier for you to have the best experience possible whilst you dine with us.

We want to make your experience the best it can possibly be. 

If you have any food allergens or allergens of any sort, please make the vendors aware when you are ordering. They know everything that goes into their foods and are the best people to make you aware of whats inside for you to avoid. 

Also, if you require assistance of any type – please also make us aware of this and we can advise you on the best places to sit and if you need it the  requirements for entry into the building. 

Please take care when making this booking as the name used will be the name used for the reservation. 

Therefore, please enter the details of your reservation below.


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